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Agaricus crocopeplus Berk. & Broome Golden Fleece Mushroom Cap shield shaped 2-5cm across light orange-yellow colored with cottony tufts and patches, stronger orange than the cap surface. Stem .5 x 4cm, also with orange tufts, tapering to the base which has a small bulb, hollow, with a distinct ring. Gills free, darkening with spore deposit, rather mottled like the gills of a Stropharia. The spore print is dark brown. Not edible. Found on compost or leaf/bamboo litter. It has been also recorded from Africa, India and the Philippines.

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Stem type:
Ring on stem
Grows on the ground
Grows on plant material/manure
Spore colour:
Purplish to black
Cap type:
Convex to shield shaped
Fungus colour:
Normal size:
Less than 5cm
Golden Fleece Mushroom
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