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Agaricus subrutilescens (Kauffman) Hot. & Stuntz Cap 5-13cm across, convex; whitish; fibrillose-striate, to slightly scaly; fibers deep vinaceous brown. Gills free, crowded, narrow; whitish pink then deep brown. Stem 60-150 x 10-25mm, clavate; whitish; smooth above the ring, with white to vinaceous veil remnants below, often in bands; ring large, thin, woolly below, high on stem. Flesh white. Odor pleasant. Taste pleasant. Spores ellipsoid, 4.5-6 x 3-4?. Deposit deep brown. Habitat in mixed woods. Found on the West Coast of north America. Season August-December. Edible. Dan Manders wrote:I eat it whenever I find it, it's quite good. It's listed in David Arora's book as being a good edible, though less meaty than most other Agaricus, which I've found to be true as well. In Oregon I find it mostly on slopes in mixed company with sword ferns & Oregon grape.

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Stem type:
Ring on stem
Bulbous base of stem
Grows in woods
Spore colour:
Purplish to black
Cap type:
Convex to shield shaped
Fungus colour:
White to cream
Normal size:
North America
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