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Baeospora myosura (Fr. ex Fr.) Sprig. Zapfenr-bling toboz feny-f-l-ke Conifercone Cap syn. Collybia myosura (Fr. ex Fr.) Qu-l. syn. C. conigena (Pers. ex Fr.) Kummer Cap 1-3cm across, convex to almost flat, pallid-tan to date-brown. Stem 30-50-1-2mm, pallid flushed with cap colour, elongated into a hairy -root-. Flesh thin, brownish. Taste mild, smell mushroomy. Gills very crowded, whitish. Cheilocystida thin-walled, fusoid. Spore print white. Spores elliptic, amyloid, 3-3.5 x 1.5-2-. Habitat rooting on partly buried pine cones and coniferous debris. Season autumn to late winter. Frequent. Not edible. Distribution, America and Europe.

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Stem type:
Stem much longer than cap diameter
Simple stem
Grows on plant material/manure
Spore colour:
cream or yellowish
Cap type:
Convex to shield shaped
Fungus colour:
White to cream
Normal size:
Less than 5cm
North America
Conifercone Cap, Derest�nk� feny�f�l�ke, toboz feny�f�l�ke, Zapfenr�bling
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