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Ganoderma lucidum (Curt. ex Fr.) Karst. Gl-nzender Lackporling, Pecs-tviasz-tapl-, pecs-tviaszgomba, Ganoderme luisant, Ganoderme laque, Polypore lucide, Lacquered Bracket. Fruit body usually stalked. Bracket 10-25cm in diameter, 2-3cm thick, fan- or kidney-shaped, laterally attached, concentrically grooved and zoned ochraceous to orange brown, later purple-brown to blackish, and like the stem conspicuously glossy as if varnished. Stem up to 250 x 10-30mm, dark brown, glossy. Tubes 0.5-2cm long. Pores 4-5 per mm, circular, whitish then cream, finally tobacco brown, darkening on bruising when fresh. Spores rusty, ellipsoid-ovate with truncate end, 7-13 x 6-8um. Habitat on roots of deciduous trees. Season all year. Rare. Not edible. Distribution, America and Europe.


• Near or at the base, at the soil line, or attached
to roots of living trees
• On stumps and bases of dead trees, and
sometimes from buried wood residues where
trees have been removed
Fruiting Time of Year
• Summer through fall, turning black and
persisting through to the following year
Fruiting (Hymenial) Surface
• White with small pores, 4-5 per mm, changing to
brown with age
Type of Decay
• White root and butt rot
Mode of Action
• A moderately fast progressing root and butt rot
The fungus can also kill cambial tissues and
cause root death
• Very common

Tree Health Symptoms
• Thin crowns
• Dead branches
• Yellowing leaves
• Overall poor vigor
• Some trees show no apparent health impacts
from infection

• Medicinal; used as an anti-inflammatory
• Sold in teas and pills in most oriental stores
• Documented health benefits in medical

Identifying Features (see adjacent photos)
• Single or clusters of round to half-moon shaped
conks usually attached directly to wood but
occasionally with a lateral or central stem
• 10 cm (4 in) up to 35 cm (14 in) across and
2.5 cm (1 in) or more thick
• Cap or the top of the conk “varnished” red to
mahogany with or without a white margin
• Reddish-brown zonate interior or context
• White pore surface that edges brown when fresh

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More info about Ganoderma lucidum mushroom

Stem type:
rudimentary or absent
Grows in woods
Grows on wood
Spore colour:
Rusty brown
Cap type:
Fungus colour:
Red or redish or pink
Normal size:
over 15cm
North America
Pore material cannot be seperated from flesh of the cap
Ganoderme laque, Ganoderme luisant, Gl�nzender Lackporling, Lacquered Bracket, Pecs�tviaszgomba, Polypore lucide, Polyporus lucidus, Reishi, Ling zhi, ling chi, lin zi
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