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Mycena epipterygia (Scop. ex Fr.) S.F. Gray, Dehnbarer Helmling Enyves k?gy?gomba Myc?ne des foug?res Yellowleg Bonnet. Cap 1?2cm across, convex expanding to bell-shaped, fawn, especially at centre, with yellowish tinge, having a lined appearance when moist, margin often delicately toothed, covered with a viscid, easily removed skin. Stem 40?70 x 1?2mm, pale yellow and viscid. Flesh very thin. Taste mild, smell slight, not distinctive. Gills subdecurrent, pale pink, edge glutinous, can be removed by a needle when fresh. Cheilocystidia clavate covered with irregular knobbly sometimes branched processes. Spore print white to pale buff. Spores ellipsoid, amyloid, 8?10 x 4.5?5um. Habitat amongst grass or moss in woods or heaths. Season autumn. Common. Edible but not worthwhile -avoid. Found In Europe.

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Stem type:
Stem much longer than cap diameter
Grows in woods
Grows on the ground
Found in fields
lawns or on roadsides
Spore colour:
cream or yellowish
Cap type:
Conical or nearly so
Fungus colour:
White to cream
Grey to beige
Normal size:
Less than 5cm
Flesh fibrous usually pliable (like grass)
Mushroom slimy or sticky
Dehnbarer Helmling, Enyves k?gy?gomba, Myc?ne des foug?res, Yellowleg Bonnet
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