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Mycena leptocephala (Pers. ex Fr.) Gillet syn. M. ammoniaca ([Fr.] Secr.) Qu-l. s. Pearson syn. M. alcalina var. chlorinella Lange Rauchiger Helmling Szalmi-kos k-gy-gomba, sal-tromos k-gy-gomba. Cap 1-1.5cm across, bell-shaped, smoky grey, striate when moist, opaque and grooved when dry. Stem 30-55 x 1-2mm, greyish with paler apex, base woolly white and slightly rooting. Flesh thin, whitish darkening towards the stem base. Taste mild, smelling strongly of ammonia or ozone. Gills pale grey with whitish edge. Cheilocystidia thin-walled, cylindric, fusoid often forked at apex. Spore print whitish. Spores ellipsoid to subcylindric, amyloid, 5-10 x 4-7um. Habitat in short grass. Season autumn. Frequent. Not edible. Distribution, Found In Europe.

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Stem type:
Stem much longer than cap diameter
Grows on the ground
Found in fields
lawns or on roadsides
Spore colour:
cream or yellowish
Cap type:
Conical or nearly so
Fungus colour:
Grey to beige
Normal size:
Less than 5cm
Mushroom has distinct or odd smell (non mushroomy)
Rauchiger Helmling, Szalmi�kos k�gy�gomba, sal�tromos k�gy�gomba
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