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Omphalotus illudens (Schw.) Bigelow Jack O'Lantern Vil-g-t- t-lcs-rgomba. Cap 5-20cm across, convex then soon flattened and then funnel-shaped with incurved margin; a brilliant and intense yellow-orange in color; smooth. Gills decurrent, crowded; bright yellow-orange. Stem 50-200 x 10-20mm, tapered at base, solid; colored as cap but darkening at base; smooth. Flesh firm; pale orange. Odor not distinctive. Taste not distinctive. Spores globose, 3.5-5 x 3.5-5-. Deposit pale cream. Habitat often in enormous clusters at base of stumps or on buried roots (the latter is very common in gardens and lawns) of oaks and some other deciduous trees. Common. Found throughout much of North America, particularly the eastern United States. Season July-September but sometimes to November. Poisonous but usually not fatal, typically causing gastric upset for some hours or even days. Comment When fresh the gills of this species glow a bright greenish yellow in the dark. Based upon cultural evidence, this may be the same as Omphalotus olearius (DC ex Fr.) Singer of southern Europe, which name would then take precedence. On the West Coast the species Omphalotus olivascens Bigelow, Miller & Thiers is found, which differs in its duller brownish-orange to olivaceous cap and larger spores. It is also poisonous.

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Stem type:
rudimentary or absent
Grows in woods
Grows on wood
Spore colour:
cream or yellowish
Cap type:
Funnel shaped
Fungus colour:
Normal size:
over 15cm
North America
Jack O'Lantern, Vil�g�t� t�lcs�rgomba
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