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Polyporus badius (Pers. ex S. F. Gray) Schur. syn. P. picipes Fr. Schwarzfussporling Barna likacsosgomba Polypore - pied couleur de poix. Cap 5-20cm across, infundibuliform, often lopsided and lobed, viscid when fresh drying smooth and shiny, pallid grey-brown at first then chestnut, darker at the centre, very thin. Stem 20-35 x 5-15mm, usually eccentric, black at least at the base. Taste bitter. Tubes 0.5-2.5mm long, white later cream, decurrent down the stem. Pores 4-7 per mm, circular, white to cream. Spores white, elongate-ellipsoid, 5-9 x 3-4um. Hyphal structure dimitic with generative and binding hyphae; generative hyphae lacking clamps. Habitat on dead or living deciduous trees. Season spring to autumn, annual. Occasional. Not edible. Distribution, America and Europe.

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Stem type:
rudimentary or absent
Grows on wood
Spore colour:
cream or yellowish
Cap type:
Fungus colour:
Grey to beige
Normal size:
over 15cm
North America
Barna likacsosgomba, Polypore � pied couleur de poix, Schwarzfussporling
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