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Psathyrella candolleana (Fr.) Maire. Pale Brittlestem, Behangener Faserling Hypholome de De Candolle, Feh?r porhany?sgomba. Cap 2?6cm across, bell-shaped becoming flattened, pale ochraceous-brown when moist drying almost white or flushed with brown, margin often appearing toothed with remnants of veil. Stem 40?80 x 4?8mm, white, hollow, fragile. Flesh thin, white. Taste and smell not distinctive. Gills greyish lilac darkening to chocolate brown. Cheilocystidia thin-walled, hyaline, finger-shaped or cylindric. Spore print dark brown. Spores elliptical or ovate, 6?8 x 3.5?4.5um. Habitat on or near deciduous trees, stumps or cut timbers. Season spring to late autumn. Frequent. Edibility unknown -avoid. Distribution, America and Europe.

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Grows on wood
Spore colour:
Purplish to black
Cap type:
Convex to shield shaped
Fungus colour:
Grey to beige
White to cream
Normal size:
North America
Flesh granular or brittle
Behangener Faserling, Feh?r porhany?sgomba, Hypholome de De Candolle, Pale Brittlestem
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