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Russula violeipes Qu?l. Lilastieliger T?ubling, Velvet Brittlegill. Cap 4?8cm across, somewhat globose at first, then flattening and finally with a depression, straw, greenish-yellow (forma citrina) or olive tints, often in part, sometimes entirely, livid red, livid purple, lilac or wine-coloured, thick-fleshed, hard, powdered, hardly peeling. Stem 40?70 x 10?30mm, white, often tinged yellow, violet, purple or wine-coloured, firm, often powdered especially above. Flesh white. Taste mild, smell slight, when fresh of shrimps. Gills slightly decurrent, pale buffy straw, greasy to the touch. Spore print cream (C?D). Spores ovoid with warts 0.7?1? high, joined by lines or ridges to form a fairly well-developed network, 6.5?9 x 6?8?. No cap cystidia and very few on the gills and not reacting to SV. Gill margin fringed with tapering cells. Terminal cells of cap hyphae mostly tapering, supporting cells mostly inflated, sometimes balloon-shaped. Habitat under broad-leaved trees. Season summer to early autumn. Uncommon. Edible. (Never eat any mushroom until you are certain it is edible as many are poisonous and some are deadly poisonous.) Found In Europe.

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Stem type:
Simple stem
Grows in woods
Grows on the ground
Spore colour:
cream or yellowish
Cap type:
Convex to shield shaped
Fungus colour:
Violet or purple
Red or redish or pink
Normal size:
Mushroom has distinct or odd smell (non mushroomy)
Flesh granular or brittle
Lilastieliger T?ubling, Velvet Brittlegill
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