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Stropharia squamosa (Fr.) Qu?l. Pikkelyes harmatgomba. Cap 3-5cm across, convex-campanulate; dull yellow-ochre to tawny, with paler, faint scales at margin; viscid. Gills adnate, crowded; pallid then purple-brown. Stem 60-120 x 3-l0mm, long, rigid; brownish; scaly below the small ring. Flesh thin; whitish. Odor not distinctive. Taste not distinctive. Spores ellipsoid, with pore at tip, 12-14 x 6-7.5?. Deposit purple-brown. Habitat on decayed wood chips in mixed woodlands. Found in Europe and throughout northern North America. Season August-October. Not edible.

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Stem type:
Ring on stem
Grows in woods
Grows on plant material/manure
Spore colour:
Purplish to black
Cap type:
Convex to shield shaped
Fungus colour:
Grey to beige
Normal size:
Less than 5cm
North America
Mushroom slimy or sticky
Pikkelyes harmatgomba
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