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Suillus flavidus (Fr.) Sing. syn. Boletus flavidus Fr. Moor-R-hrling L-pi feny-tin-ru (-tin-ru). Cap 2-6cm across, umbonate, straw-yellow to pale ochre, viscid. Stem 50-75x 5-8mm, straw-yellow above the gelatinous, tawny ring, dull yellow to buff below. Flesh pale yellow becoming vinaceous when cut. Taste and smell not distinctive. Tubes decurrent, deep yellow. Pores large, angular, concolorous with tubes. Spore print ochraceous snuff-brown. Spores subfusiform-elliptic, 8-10 x 3.5-4.5um. Habitat wet mossy areas, usually with Scots pine and often in sphagnum. Season late summer. Rare and more or less confined to the Scottish Highlands. Edible. Distribution, America and Europe.

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Stem type:
Ring on stem
Grows in woods
Grows on the ground
Grows on plant material/manure
Spore colour:
Light to dark brown
Cap type:
Convex to shield shaped
Fungus colour:
Normal size:
North America
Mushroom slimy or sticky
L�pi feny�tin�ru, Moor-R�hrling
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