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Suillus placidus (Bon.) Singer syn. Boletus placidus Bon. White Suillus. Cap 3-10cm across, convex then expanded and often slightly umbonate, finally flattened; white to ivory white at first, then discoloring yellowish or even olive when wet; surface sticky, appearing shiny when dry. Tubes slightly decurrent; white then soon yellowish to ochre. Pores white then yellowish to ochre, often exuding pinkish droplets when young. Stem 40-120 x 10-30mm, cylindrical; white to pinkish vinaceous, covered with dark pinky-brown glandular dots, surface yellowing with age. No veil. Flesh white then yellow, bruising pale pinky-brown when cut. Odor mild to acidulous. Taste mild. Spores ellipsoid-oblong, smooth, 7-9 x 2.5-4-. Deposit dull cinnamon. Habitat under white pine. Often abundant. Found throughout the tree's range, except in the drier states. Season July-October. Edible-good.

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Spore colour:
Light to dark brown
Cap type:
Convex to shield shaped
Fungus colour:
White to cream
Normal size:
North America
Mushroom slimy or sticky
bruised or damaged
Flesh discolours when cut
Flesh exudes coloured latex (milk) when cut
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