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Verpa bohemica (Krombh.) Schroer. B-hmische Verpel, Cseh kucsmagomba,
Rapunzelverpel. Cap 1-2.5cm high, thimble- to bell-shaped; dull yellow-brown to sepia; surface deeply wrinkled and convoluted; margin completely free from the stem, cap attached only at top. Stem 50-100 x 10-25mm, slightly clavate; white; smooth to scurfy-granular, often ridged. Flesh white. Odor pleasant. Taste pleasant. Asci each ascus holds only 2 spores. Spores huge, ellipsoid, smooth, 60-80 x 15-18-. Deposit yellow. Habitat in damp woods along stream banks, pathsides. Found in Europe and throughout most of North America although rare in the East. Season March-early May. Edible with caution. Although widely eaten, it has caused adverse symptoms in some people.

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Grows in woods
Grows on the ground
Spore colour:
cream or yellowish
Cap type:
Fungus colour:
Normal size:
Less than 5cm
North America
B�hmische Verpel, Cseh kucsmagomba, Rapunzelverpel
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