Unidentified mushrooms

Total mushrooms fount: 42

I live in Central Virginia in mixed woods very close to a lake. Found this mushroom yesterday on my way back from the dock. I go this way daily and I had not seen the mushroom before. Since it was in such plain sight it must have grown very fast. I'm wondering what species it is. Thanks Ralf Clement
Growing in grass at edge of pavement No apparent association with wood Gills attached Some brown scaling at top of stem, just below cap
Growing at edge of pavement; mowed grass at side of road No apparent association with wood
fruits bodies in cluster
Found in an open field in Singapore (tropical country)
I'm in the uk and for some reason this year I have several different types of fungi in my paddocks. I do not no anything about mushrooms or not mushrooms any help is very appreciated.
There are several of these growing in my woods on/in the leaf litter under a maple tree. I live in SE Wisconsin. I think it's in the Clitocybe family. I know very little about mushrooms and want to learn more. Thanks, June
This a piece I cut off of a larger piece. It was very tough and hard to cut. It was growing on some old tree stumps. There were two attached together and many others that had a weird base. These aren't shiny like the Reishi pictures I see on the net.
Have never seen this before- will my dog get sick if he eats it?
These mushrooms were growing under oak trees on a peat/mix with little sand soil.As I cut them in half they turned blue & their smell is very earthy & mushroomy.They had red cracked boletes as their neighbours which were full of maggots when i sliced through them.
I found this in the woods in Polk County, Iowa at Walnut Ridge recreation area on Saylorville Lake. It was pretty damp out and there were a lot of other mushrooms around as well.